Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Original hand painted Black Cat Mouse Easter Keepsake Box on e-Bay this week~

I Just listed this charming Easter keepsake Box on e-Bay~ Titled: The Lucky Egg" Please take a peek~ Thanks for stopping by~


  1. i dont know if you have had any of your work made as halloween cards, but i just stumbled onto your site, and saw the green-eyed kitten w/ witches hat & purple bow- Im almost positive it is the same as the card i bought for my daughter this past halloween. I especially like that the black kittens you do have green eyes as my black cat,Java, did until a few months ago... your paintings of cat's are mostly shown w/ gold-toned eyes as hers have now become! also, i wanted to give you props, for all of the pieces i have been looking at, really fun and unique in a category such as holiday decor/Art is too often syrupy sweet, borring, &uninspired... i like the pieces created for v-day, easter,x-mas- as an artist i really appreciate the style you made your trade-mark! maybe you can do a hanukah piece... i would like to see you cover the holidays I decorate for! :)

  2. I thank You so much for your wonderful compliment on my art! I'm happy you found me~ I do try to paint for most holidays. I have just recently started doing prints of my originals and will be offering some on e-bay soon.

    Many Thanks again and please keep watching as you never know what I might paint next!